Seasons in Thailand

Three Thai summers.

On the page of the fashion magazine there is a photo of the popular restaurant Vogue Lounge in Bangkok. There are girls in summer dresses. And so it is all year round. 365 days a year of Thai summer.

And at this time the wet snow behind my window reminds me of the chilly autumn and the forthcoming winter. Honey, let's extend this summer, let's just head off to the warm sandy coast of Thailand! For the whole winter we will stay there… at a villa.

November is the beginning of a dry cool summer in the Kingdom of Thailand and until February the air temperature will be very pleasing - the average of the season is about +28. And in November, a string of holidays begins.

And maybe we consider renting villa in Thailand that is more spacious? We will invite people we love for Christmas and New Year? And after the countdown we will run barefoot along the warm and tender waters of the Andaman or South China Sea under the starry tropical sky.

Or we will prolong this fairy tale and in March we will break into the hot summer of Thailand, swimming in the sea with the water temperature of still the same +28. Favorable heat in May will bear fruit in the form of abundant harvests of exotic crops.

Closer to summer with rainfall in the form of tropical downpours, Thai nature begins to give water to the locals. After the first rains, the air temperature will start to decrease and again it will return to the national average of +28.

Thailand's rainforests will bloom with bright colors and chirping of birds, and waterfalls will be filled with cool water and flow into the symphony of the jungle. The most beautiful and full of color sounds of tropical forests will spread at the end of the rainy season. And then, at the beginning of November, we will wake up from the noise of the sea surf in a villa in Krabi, Hua Hin or Phuket, or maybe Samui. We will wear light summer clothes and go for the summer… to the beach.