Tropical fruits

Hot King and Cold Queen of Fruits in Thailand

Coming for holiday to Thailand, everyone has an opportunity to confirm the statement that Thai fruits are the most delicious. What a variety of them! Juicy, sweet, with familiar taste or completely new and surprising - getting to know the fruits of Thailand is an exciting entertainment that should be in the vacation program of every tourist in Thailand! Therefore, we often welcome our guests who rent a villa in Thailand with a basket of fresh local fruits.


Oily flesh melts in your mouth, absolutely unfamiliar taste and smell fill the senses. And only after your head has processed the information that the complex composition of micro elements entered the body, it receives the signal for further reaction - heat. After a moment you feel the heat. You are so thirsty.

The fruit husk is firm, greenish and covered with large spines on the outside, so a smiling durian seller holds it on a thick rubber glove. In the natural deepening of the King of Fruits there is briny water. And you get a plastic straw, so it is better to drink the water straight from the husk.


Having eagerly drained the liquid, I give weighty and spiny cup back to the seller of the most popular in Thailand durian variety called Golden Pillow. The pillow of durian pulp is truly golden for two reasons: due to its soft vanilla color and the content of the fourth basic element of human nutrition - sulfur. Organic durian sulfur as an additional beauty and youth mineral falls into the universe of the body and large-scale reconstruction work begins practically in its every metabolic process. Hot process for generating energy violates the internal balance of the body that it had before the absorption of the fruit, and this is known to every seller in Thailand offering The King and the Queen of Fruits - durian and mangosteen. He knows what a foreigner feels and experiences at the time of exploring the storehouse of vitamins and micro elements. He knows that after having durian you will want to cool down from the inside. Therefore, his hand is reaching for the huge basket. There he has purple-colored mangosteens that were collected in the gardens of the east coast of the Kingdom in the morning. Having chosen one fruit with elastic and, at the same time, springy skin, the seller starts to open another box of precious vitamins. Having removed its fancy hat of dense petals, he starts as though to probe the fruit the size of a tangerine. The fingers of his hands slowly press down on the thick maroon rind along the meridian of the round mangosteen body, exposing the flesh of the Queen of Fruits.


And on the stage there is a soloist Mongkut, this is the name they call it in the Kingdom of Thailand. Conducting the orchestra of tropical fruit, here, directly on the market, the seller continues to create a symphony of exotic flavors, offering to taste white and juicy pulp of mangosteen in one of its flaps. A small slice of white pulp has remained in the second flap. This pulp, mixed with fetal red copra, the seller, still with the same smile and with knowledge of the secrets of eating fruit, turns into a pink gruel in front of my eyes using a plastic spoon. Disposable spoon, filled with a strange substance that is given into my hands and another portion of unfamiliar pulp fills my senses.

Garcinia, the elegant lady of a noble family, tames its obstinate and hot partner for the production of health and beauty. And signals on the upcoming coolness start to arrive to the center of the universe together with magic xanthones. At this point, there is complete harmony of combinations of durian and mangosteen.

The yin and yang are complementary, as Thai people explain based on the eponymous teaching, which came to them from China. Amazing and complex concepts of Chinese medicine is widespread in Thailand, and they explain a combination of different fruits quite simply. As, for example, the harmony of the hottest King of Fruits and the cool Queen of Fruits. And that cold Mongkut is perfectly combined with a cool watermelon and grapes, as well as with neutral papaya and pineapple. And mango, the favorite fruit of visitors to Thailand, is generally self-sufficient in relation to temperature. Ripe mangoes warm you up and unripe help you to cool down when it's hot. And as stated in Ayurveda, in ensemble with spices the Asian peach can reveal the secrets of Indians concerning balance in the body.

These unique tastes of Indochina fruit knowledge cocktail you can feel only in the Kingdom of Thousands of Fruits. In the Kingdom of Thailand.