Kingdom of Thailand

Thailand is a kingdom of bright tastes, precious stones, exotic fruits, warm smiles, a summer sea breeze all year round and luxury villas.

The philosophy of an easy Thai life creates the festive atmosphere of every day of your stay in the Kingdom. In the understanding of the Thais, everything and everywhere should be fun (sanuk), beautiful (suai) and comfortable (sabai). In everyday life and on vacation. Thai people like to rest with their families and they prefer to relax not abroad but in their homeland. Thanks to the geographical position of Thailand, here you can feel the coolness of the mountainous northern region, see the riot of colors on the coasts of the Andaman Sea and enjoy the tranquility of the Gulf of Thailand.

To anywhere in the Kingdom, locals mostly travel by highways, the infrastructure of which implies regular stops for a cup of coffee and visits to shopping bazaars, where you can buy seasonal fruits and sometimes precious stones. The Thais consider a train journey across the country a fun pastime in the company of friends or loved ones. And Thailand's domestic airline network impresses by the choice of directions on the flight map. The Thais believe that the less time you spend on the road, the more comfortable you can relax and more fun you can have.

The highest point of Thai sanuk and sabai while travelling is determined by communication with each other in a homely atmosphere at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Therefore, emphasizing the homeliness of hospitable Thailand, over the past few years, both private and global chains of hotels increasingly prefer the construction of villas, family apartments and penthouses.

And annual tours of chefs with Michelin stars attract guests to the restaurants of luxury hotels or to the ancient mansions of Bangkok, Phuket, Samui and Hua Hin where the taste of food is emphasized by mixology of the Kingdom of Thailand with its main ingredients from two climates, two seas and a multicultural note. And after a sip of an original cocktail there is always a warm aftertaste of pleasant memories of hospitable Thailand.

Rent villa in Thailand, have fun and enjoy a beautiful and comfortable trip around the Kingdom!