Airports of Italy

Italy 13.11.2020
The wide network of airports in Italy allows you to reach its any coast from anywhere in the world. Thanks to short distances and developed transport infrastructure, you can easily reach your desired destination.

Nowadays, there are many different ratings and awards given to various categories of goods, services, territories and entertainment, so it is not surprising that among them there is a rating of beaches. The award is known as the Blue Flag and is a mark of quality that the world's beaches aspire to.

Pizza, pasta, ravioli ... Mmmm ... What dishes to try in Italy? How to yield to the gastronomic temptation, try traditional Italian cuisine, enjoy wines from famous sommeliers but at the same time return from vacation without a drop of regret?

Vacations by lakes in Italy

Italy 12.02.2020
Lakes of Italy have about 1,5 thousand water bodies and reservoirs, everyone can choose the rest to their taste: from the purest mountain lakes to shallow lagoon.
Having an entire house at your disposal, where you can stay with your whole family, makes the vacation way more enjoyable.