What does the blue flag on the beach mean?

Nowadays, there are many different ratings and awards given to various categories of goods, services, territories and entertainment, so it is not surprising that among them there is a rating of beaches. The award is known as the Blue Flag and is a mark of quality that the world's beaches aspire to. The aim of the Blue Flag (Bandiera Blu) program is to improve coastal ecology. The right to plant a blue flag on the beach is valid for one year, and can be revoked for violation of the program conditions.

If you are planning to rent a villa by the sea, then the nearby Blue Flag beach can be a pleasant bonus to your vacation, because its presence on the beach means constant monitoring of water quality, safety and comfort of vacation makers.

The criteria by which the beaches are awarded the Blue Flag:

- Informational assumes the presence of a beach map and rules of conduct on the beach.

- Water quality is measured regularly to determine the physical, chemical and microbiological properties.

- Ecological means clean beach sand, the absence of any debris and special places reserved for it; the presence of bathrooms and sewerage; cleanliness and regular repair of beach equipment; parking outside the beach; coral reef control; the presence of a beach administration responsible for maintaining the beach.

- Safety on the beach is guaranteed by the availability of rescue and medical equipment and professional lifeguards; the presence of an evacuation plan and emergency measures; availability of drinking water and equipment for the special needs. 

The blue flag is an indicator of comfort and safety. All countries participating in the program understand its importance both in the fight for the environment in beach areas and in increasing the country's tourist ratings.

Interesting Facts:

- 47 countries participate in the Blue Flag program.

- The very first flag was erected in 1985 in France.

- The largest number of Blue Flag beaches (in 2019) are located in Spain, Greece, France and Italy.

When planning a trip with children, it is important to consider comfort, safety, clean beaches and coastal waters, so staying in a villa in Italy would be an excellent option to meet these needs. After all, almost the entire coastline of Italy is covered with blue flags, which means it guarantees a luxurious vacation.