12 reasons a year to spend your vacation in Thailand

Every month of a year the Kingdom of Thailand is filled with bright colors of events, festivals and holidays. I Love Villa has prepared for you a palette of holiday occasions for a vacation in the Country of Smiles. As well as a great variety of villas for rent in Thailand

The brightest occasion in January

Enjoy the mountain scenery of Northern Thailand, opening from a villa or a room of your hotel. And it is not only for the sake of the mountainous tropical air and the beautiful temple architecture of the Kingdom that travelers from all over the world come to these places. There is a special reason to visit Chiang Mai in January – it’s the Umbrella Festival. At the end of the second week of January, the village of masters Bo Sang opens colorful umbrellas for display. Fancy patterns on classic paper, cotton and silk canvases will tell you about Thai life in the mountains.

The most fragrant occasion in February

The gardens of the northern provinces of Thailand are covered with mixed flower colors in early February. At this time, under the chords of the fragrance of blooming flowers, a floral festival begins in one of the best cities in the world for traveling. In the first weekend of February in this city, which is called the Northern Rose, everything is literally immersed in flowers. And to see a flower carnival in all its glory, you can stay at a villa in the historical part of Chiang Mai.

The most fighting occasion in March

Colors of strength, courage and Muay Thai martial art knowledge are thickening annually over the ruins of the historic park, in the heart of the city of Ayutthaya. On March 17 more than a thousand of Thai boxing professionals gather near the monument to Nai Khanom Tom – a master of Muay Thai. On the Day of the National Thai Boxing there are fights in different weight classes and, of course, the Muay Thai dance ritual devoted to ancestors, the boxer’s teacher and enemy is demonstrated. Is it not a good enough reason to leave your villa by the beach for one day and go to one of the most famous historical parks in Thailand? Or stop for a couple of days in a real Thai house and completely plunge into the atmosphere of the Day of the National Thai Boxing?

The wettest occasion in April

Songkran Festival or the Thai New Year starts in mid-April and the most interesting thing about it is that with this holiday you can travel all over the country. On the 12th of April the Thai New Year starts in the capitals of Thailand – Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya and Bangkok. And then it goes to the south and to the east – to Pattaya, Phuket and Samui. Morning rituals with the washing statues of Buddha in colorful temples of Thailand and playing water in the afternoon together with locals everywhere around the country, as well as chic feasts of authentic Thai cuisine – this is the number one reason to come to Thailand in April.

The most durian occasion in May

The high harvest season of durian, also called the King of Fruits, starts in the durian capital of Thailand in mid-May. The fruit is known for its knockdown aroma and ambiguous taste. At this time in the city of Chantaburi the largest festival of durian and mangosteen takes place. And at the fairs and markets of the eastern coast of the Kingdom, from Pattaya resorts to Koh Chang Island there are rows of huge baskets filled with the King and the Queen of Fruits. And the fact that fresh durian and a variety of its species can only be eaten in the country of growth, isn’t it a serious reason to go to Thailand for the festival of durian?

The fruity occasion in June

This reason smoothly follows from the previous one. The festival of durian sets the tone for the festive fruit mood. And the gardens of the east coast of Thailand from Rayong to Trat which borders on Cambodia are full of fruits throughout June. Fruit fairs flow to the south, to the islands of Koh Samui and Phuket where fruit festivals are held in July and August. You can taste rambutan, mangosteen, salak, sathon, pineapple, young coconut and, of course, durian at specialized fairs or simply at fruit markets that can be found not far from your hotel or villa in Thailand.

The most Thai Halloween in July

In the first days of the seventh lunar month when the Thai people of Loei arm themselves with banana trunks, coconut shells and wicker cone bowls for cooking sticky rice and… start making colorful masks. These masks are worn during the holiday, the origins of which go back to Buddhist legends and it is connected with faith in spirits. The happy “dead” dance during those days and wear bright costumes. Is it not a good reason to come to Thailand to have some fun with Thai spirits for a few days and taste the northeastern cuisine of the Kingdom?

The silkiest occasion in August

Annually on the eve of the Queen’s birthday, celebrated in Thailand on the 12th of August, a silk extravaganza begins. Mostly in Bangkok, there are fashion shows, exhibitions and fairs of Thai textiles in grandiose shopping centers. It’s a perfect reason for a girls’ night in Bangkok or a stopover in the Kingdom of Thailand on the way to Bali.

The most musical occasion in September

Do you love Canadian jazz? Do you dream to see the performance of the Chinese acrobatic theatre? Do you miss the French “Romeo and Juliet” ballet or the Russian “Swan Lake”? You can plunge into the world’s scenic culture and see all of the above in September on the same stage of the Thailand Cultural Center. And this is another reason to stay in Bangkok for a few days in September. Details and the schedule of concerts of the international music festival in the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand can be found here.

The most shocking occasion in October

On the narrow streets of Chinatown in Bangkok and Chinese quarters in Pattaya and nowhere else in the world the strangest holiday is celebrated every year in October. The Vegetarian Festival originated in Phuket where the most shocking and eerie actions take place. Rituals and processions are conducted by local natives of the Celestial Empire for nine days. Nevertheless, it is very interesting to be present at this festival despite the constant whirl and kaleidoscopic actions and processions of the Vegetarian Festival. During those days you can just have a walk along the streets of Phuket Town, to sit in a café on the streets of old Sino-Portuguese quarters or taste dishes of a vegetarian menu which are already offered in all Chinese quarters and hotels of Thailand.

The most romantic occasion in November

Come to the coast of the Gulf of Thailand with your loved ones in the evening of November full moon or to one of the beaches of the Andaman Sea or to the shore of one of the deep rivers in Thailand. This festive evening it is a custom to say words of love and gratitude, give flowers and send small banana tree boats along the water surface for the fulfillment of all your dreams. A huge number of lights, music and a fragrance of flowers will create an incredible romantic atmosphere, will you be at the edge of a natural body of water or at the swimming pool of your villa in Thailand.

The most New Year’s Eve (Christmas) occasion in December

December 5 in Thailand is the Father’s Day which is timed to the birthday of the longest ruling monarch on Earth, King Rama IX. This is an excellent start for a family holiday in New Year’s Eve December. What could be better than some privacy with your family in a luxury villa in Thailand during the Christmas holidays?